my google maps

While preparing for my travels I always save all the important places in my Google Maps. Why am I doing that? It helps me to win orientation in a new place: knowing which attractions are close to each other makes it easier to plan the sightseeing itinerary. It helps me also to quickly find the closest restaurant, check it’s reviews and find the fastest route. Moreover when I find a new interesting spot I can mark it immediately on the map so I don’t forget about it.

However, the best thing is when after some time I’m visiting a place again. Then I realize that although I don’t remember it so good I have all my favourite places marked in my Google Maps and can start exploring them again right away <3

During years of travelling I collected a big repertoire of marked spots. Now I want to share them with you to make your travels easier! Below you will find my maps on which I marked such places like:

  • cheap and good accommodations
  • vegetarian friendly restaurants and street food spots
  • places to visit: tourist attractions and hidden gems
  • ferry terminals, bus stations, etc.




 By clicking on the star ⭐️ you can save the map in your Google Maps Account under Your Places and use it later while travelling!