In the last few years, Ericeira became not only a surf hub but also a digital nomad hub. With more and more people coming to work remotely from this Portuguese fisherman town the infrastructure is also growing. When we arrived in Portugal in 2021 there were only 2 or 3 newly opened coworking spaces in Ericeira – now there are 5 of them.

In this blog post, you will find a comparison of all the coworkings that Ericeira has to offer. From newly opened gems with a modern aesthetic to the more established hubs fostering a sense of community. Ericeira’s coworking scene has something for everyone – whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or simply someone in search of a productive space.

Coworking scene

Below you will find a comparison table with all coworking spaces in Ericeira. As you can see there is plenty to choose from. 😉 While there is no “one solution has it all” I think the choice is quite big and there’s something for everyone – depending on what you are expecting from a coworking.

Here are a few general points summarizing the coworking scene in Ericeira:

  • SURF SPORTS: All coworking spaces in Ericeira are within walking distance of a surf spot.

  • PRICE: The prices of coworking spaces in Ericeira are very similar: 15 EUR per day and 180 EUR per month. The only exception is Costal Cowork which is more expensive.
  • CALL BOOTHS: The coworkings in Ericeira mostly have 2 call booths or/and meeting rooms. An exception is KELP where you will find 5 of them. However, all coworking spaces still struggle with calls being done in the common space even if a call booth is free.
  • FURNITURE: Every coworking offers some professional office furniture with ergonomic chairs and proper working desks. Mostly they are reserved for people with private desks and/or monthly packages. The areas with flex desks are less comfortable for working including simple kitchen/plastic chairs or even benches.

  • KITCHEN: The kitchen is a standard feature of every coworking in Ericeira except for La Point. However, the challenge I’m always facing is the lack of a dishwasher, which in my opinion is an essential part of any shared place where different people use the same dishes (for hygienic reasons). The only coworking offering a dishwasher is Costal Cowork.
  • COMMUNITY: In Ericeira, every coworking space already has or is dedicated to building a strong community by offering various events and/or having a community manager. An exception is La Point which is a surf camp and not a coworking per se.
(max. 1 km)
KELP coworkingretro living room styleNorte, Sao Sebastiao, Pescadores, Sul, Matadouro15 EUR180 EUR5YES
Coastal Coworkmodern coastal styleNorte, Sao Sebastiao, Pescadores, Sul, Matadouro17 EUR196 EUR2YES
La PointScandinavian style with
high-quality office furniture
Foz do Lizandro15 EUROn request2 + 1 meeting roomYES
The Basecorporate/start-up office styleNorte, Pescadores, Sao Sebastiao, Sul Matadouro14 EUR179 EUR2YES, but only for Members
Salt Studiocombination of retro and modern styleSul, Pescadores, Norte15 EUR180 EUR 2 meeting rooms
+ shared room for calls
YES, but only for Members

1. KELP coworking

Founded by Dave and Amy in 2020, Kelp quickly became a go-to spot for remote workers and digital nomads. In 2023 Sanne and Sjorn have come on board as co-owners, infusing fresh energy into the place. This coworking space boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere with an interior full of plants, natural materials, and retro furniture – it feels like working from your friend’s living room.

For those seeking dedicated workspaces, you’ll find proper office desks and chairs in the back of the coworking space. If you’re working as a couple, you can easily share one desk and switch back and forth. On the other hand, if you look for more flexibility, the front and back sections feature large, shared tables. These offer a more relaxed/casual atmosphere but keep in mind they don’t come with proper office furniture. Some only offer benches for seating, which may not be ideal for extended work sessions.

The amenities here include five call booths (3 brand new ones – soundproof and ventilated), a kitchen (with tea, coffee and filtered water, although it lacks a microwave and dishwasher), and a spacious, sunny terrace in the front. Plus, if you’re into surfing, you’re in luck because Praia do Norte is just around the corner, and you’ll find a group of fellow surfers ready to hit the waves during your lunch break.

What truly sets this coworking space apart is its sense of community. Long-term residents form strong connections, and there’s an active WhatsApp group to keep everyone in the loop. Beyond the daily work routine, this place hosts a variety of engaging events, from coffee-tasting games and nude model drawing sessions to community lunches, Portuguese classes, workshops for female entrepreneurs, live music events, and even breathwork sessions.

My subjective opinion

This is my favourite out of all coworking spaces in Ericeira. Even though I’m really missing the microwave and dishwasher in the kitchen the people are amazing and this is what makes you feel great there. Also, 5 call booths are making it much more comfortable to work there and thanks to the long-term community you will always see a familiar face when walking in.

– 5 call booths
– amazing long-term community
– homey/cosy interior
– big sunny terrace
– lack of dishwasher and microwave
– benches for sitting at the shared tables
Coworkings in Ericeira - Kelp coworking3
Coworkings in Ericeira - Kelp coworking3
Coworkings in Ericeira - Kelp coworking3
Coworkings in Ericeira - Kelp coworking3

2. The Base

The Base opened a coworking space in Ericeira in 2022 very close to Pescadores beach. It’s located on one of the town’s narrow streets, which means it has a very central location but it doesn’t get much natural light inside. However, if you want to soak up the sun or enjoy your lunch outside, the beach and a variety of coffee places are just a short walk away.

This coworking offers a more office-like interior with simple decorations reminding of a corporate company. If you decide on a dedicated desk, you’ll find ergonomic chairs and proper office desks to ensure a comfortable working experience.

The flex desks, on the other hand, are located right at the entrance, next to the front desk, making it a relatively busy area. There are only two small tables with simple plastic chairs, which may not be the best option for extended computer work. However, if one of the office desks is available, you can use it, although availability is not guaranteed.

In addition to the workspace, they offer private offices in the back for small teams for 999 EUR per month. The kitchen is well-equipped: it includes a fully automated coffee machine, a microwave, a filtered water dispenser, and a nice variety of teas. They also provide simple breakfast and snacks as part of the package. The only thing missing is a dishwasher.

What’s interesting is that they have a coworking space in Lisbon as well, which you can access if you’re a member here in Ericeira. They organize some nice events such as game nights, Portuguese classes, community lunches, and business breakfasts. On top of that, they occasionally host open days where you can try out the space for free (incl. a simple breakfast). While they have a WhatsApp group for members, it’s still quite small and quiet.

My subjective opinion

I tried it out only for one day and while I liked the well-equipped kitchen a lot, I didn’t get a tour when I arrived, the toilets were not tidy, the management was having a meeting in the couch area while everybody was working and the flex desks in the front were super uncomfortable. BUT! It might be that I just caught them on a bad day and should give them a second chance.

– location (right in the centre)
– you can use their coworking in Lisbon
– few hours trial for free on open days
– quite dark
– flex tables are super small and uncomfortable
– no outside area
Coworkings in Ericeira - The Base-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - The Base-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - The Base-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - The Base-1

3. La Point Coworking

Part of the La Point camp, this coworking space is located next to Foz de Lizandro, offering surf enthusiasts the perfect spot for catching waves just around the corner. However, since it’s further away from the town you will most probably need a car to reach it and finding a parking spot might pose a bit of a challenge.

The coworking area is situated in the basement, providing a quiet atmosphere, although it does come with the drawback of limited natural light. Inside, you’ll find a unique blend of cosy Scandinavian style and high-quality office furniture.

In terms of amenities, the coworking space offers two modern call booths and a meeting room. There is a coffee corner, but kitchen access is only available upon request. Alternatively, you can conveniently purchase food, including breakfast and lunch, from the camp’s restaurant.

What’s particularly appealing about this space is that you can enjoy access to the camp’s facilities, including the pool and skate bowl when using the coworking. When it’s time for lunch, the camp’s restaurant on the terrace offers good food and a fantastic view of Foz de Lizandro. Keep in mind that during the summer months, the camp area can get quite busy with tourists.

Obviously, the coworking space is not the main focus of La Point. This is why you won’t find there a strong community vibe and it might be a bit hard to connect with people. However, you can go to one of the great events organized within the camp such as outdoor markets, clothes swaps, yoga classes, DJ concerts and surf skate classes.

My subjective opinion

I love the combination of cosy decorations and professional office equipment. It’s also great to have direct access to the camp’s restaurant and other facilities – during your lunch break you feel like on a summer vacation there. It would be my place to go if it wasn’t so far away. But it might not be the best place if you are a newbie in Ericeira and hope to find new friends in the coworking.

– very nice interior
– professional office furniture
– you can use the spaces belonging to the camp (pool, skate bowl, restaurant/bar, etc.)
– far away from the centre
– very weak community vibe
– the camp can get busy in summer
– no kitchen in the coworking space
Coworkings in Ericeira - La Point Coworking-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - La Point Coworking-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - La Point Coworking-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - La Point Coworking-1

4. Coastal Cowork Collective

Costal Cowork Collective is a newcomer to the scene. It was just opened in late summer 2023 by the Berlin-based couple Claudia and Dung. This coworking space is located close to the centre of Ericeira (right next to Kelp). It’s offering great access to the centre and nearby surf spots. They have daily and weekly passes as well as monthly private desks.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a beautifully designed interior with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The space is full of natural light and the style follows coastal design trends, making it an inviting place to work.

The seating options vary from standard office chairs to simple wooden kitchen chairs. The tables range from spacious office desks to quite narrow pieces of wood placed against the wall. There is no distinction between private desks and flex desks area since all of them are mixed up in one space. On some desks, you will find monitors which can be used when free. Moreover, there are two meeting rooms that can also be used as call booths. One of them accommodating two people and a larger conference room suitable for up to six people.

One standout feature is the fully equipped kitchen, complete with a microwave and dishwasher, a water filter integrated into the tap, and a top-notch coffee machine. You will even find kombucha in the fridge. If you need storage, lockers are available in the back.

As a new coworking space, it’s still in the process of building a community vibe. In low season it can feel quite empty and the WhatsApp group is still relatively small. They do organize some events, such as open coffee networking meetings, but not many yet.

My subjective opinion

The interior design of this coworking space is super nice and it’s the only coworking in Ericeira with a dishwasher! At the moment it’s still quiet and the community vibe is not so strong. However, they are very new so I’m sure it will change with time. The coffee networkings organised by them get fuller every time. One minus is the relatively high price. I found it quite expensive to pay 17 EUR for a few hours of working. When I asked about a free trial t I was told they don’t offer one.

– nice, trendy interior
– microwave and dishwasher in the kitchen
– nice outside area
– the most expensive coworking in Ericeira
– no free trial
– at least 1/3 of the chairs and desks are not professional office furniture
Coworkings in Ericeira - Costal Cowork-4
Coworkings in Ericeira - Costal Cowork-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - Costal Cowork-1
Coworkings in Ericeira - Costal Cowork-1

5. Salt Studio

Salt Studio also has a pleasant and nicely furnished interior. It consists of two rooms one on the ground floor and one in the basement. Both are open spaces with fixed and flexible tables. The offices are large and have decent office chairs. A kitchen is also available.

I haven’t had the opportunity to work in Salt Studio yet, so this part is TBC.

❓Frequently asked questions

Which coworking in Ericeira do you like the most and why?

The one I mostly go to is Kelp Coworking. It has the best community vibe and is located super close to our flat. But sometimes I also like to go to Costal Cowork (very nice interior) and to La Point (summerish atmosphere).

Are the coworking spaces in Ericeira of good quality?

In my opinion yes – but this depends on what you are comparing to ;). Until now I worked in coworking spaces in Conil de la Frontera, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Ahangama (Sri Lanka). Based on my experiences I think the coworking spaces are quite good in Ericeira.


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