We got there late in the evening when it was already dark outside. I knew this place is located at the end of the world, but believe me, without the light, this area looks even more abandoned and wild. One more turn into a dirt road and we were there. Finally, some lights emerged from the darkness. It turns out that in the middle of nowhere there is a beautifully renovated sandstone building – the new restaurant of Vegan House. When I entered the building I immediately fell in love with this place – and that was just the beginning.

However, Vegan House is not about buildings. In fact, it’s the first vegan glamping in Poland. The word glamping comes from glamorous camping. There are four spherical tents set up in a meadow surrounded by trees. Due to their round shape, they look like a space base. But the real wonder waits inside. Wooden floor, bed with a canopy, a fireplace and a shower with hydromassage. Moreover, imagine that every morning at the door of your tent there is a wicker basket full of delicious vegan food, which you can eat while sitting in stylish armchairs and watching the beauty of the surrounding nature. This is how a stay at Vegan House looks like.

Vegan House - knajpka
Glamping w Polsce
Vegan House - knajpka
Glamping w Nagodzicach

Staying at Vegan House – who will enjoy glamping?

I heard about this place for the first time from a friend who is definitely an expert when it comes to wonderful places with a mission, separated from the rest of the world. Trusting her with this one definitely paid off. I bought two nights at Vegan House and gave them to my family as a Christmas gift. Everyone was grateful that instead of another pair of socks or tons of sweets they got some quality time with the family.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you will spend a few quiet days with your family or friends, you will be able to try something new and be close to nature, this is the perfect place for you. Of course, you can also come to Vegan House for a romantic weekend, but if you rent all 4 tents, you have the entire resort for yourself: a restaurant where you can eat together and a sauna where you can rest after a long day outside.

Glamping w Nagodzicach
Vegan House - namioty
Salty Travels glamping

When is the best time to go for glamping at Vegan House?

Vegan House tents are prepared for all weather conditions. You can go there both in winter and summer because there is a heating and cooling system. However, in my opinion, the best time to visit Vegan House is late spring or early fall. Why? This is the time when the weather is perfect for glamping.

Rainy days in October

When planning a weekend at Vegan House in mid-October, we were hoping for beautiful Polish autumn but instead experienced the beginning of winter with a lot of rain and temperature close to 0 °C. Of course, the weather doesn’t really matter when you have your family around you. Nevertheless, the rain made the stay definitely less comfortable.

The whole area was very wet and in order to go from the parking lot to the tents, you had to walk about 200 meters along a muddy path leading between the bushes. It was not only uncomfortable but also a bit dangerous, especially at night, when you had to hold a torch in one hand.

Of course, the mud from the shoes was carried straight into the tent. Unfortunately, there was no mop, so the floor was getting dirty very quickly.


During our stay at Vegan House, the temperature at night dropped to 2 °C. It was very cold in the tent and even the air conditioning with a heating option set to maximum wasn’t enough to warm up the tent inside.

We decided to lit the fireplace but then the tent filled up with smoke. It was also not the most convenient solution, because we had to add wood from time to time to keep the temperature high enough – which means walking the muddy path at night several times. Apparently, in winter guests get some additional heating devices, but unfortunately, I still cannot imagine spending a night in these tents at minus temperatures.

I think a similar problem may occur in the summer. The tents are transparent, so they probably heat up incredibly during a sunny summer day.

Salty Travels glamping
Glamping w Polsce

How do the spherical tents at Vegan House look like?

The glamping tents have a hemisphere shape and are mostly transparent – except the bathroom. Thanks to that, there is a lot of light and space inside. Their interior is very modern, so the tents look like small apartments. Inside you will find:

  • large double bed with canopy;
  • a second double bed hidden under the main one;
  • two stylish armchairs on which you can chill and enjoy the tranquility of the area;
  • a small kitchen consisting of a refrigerator, a small electric oven to heat the meals, a table and a few chairs. You will also find cutlery and dishes;
  • a fully equipped bathroom with shower, sink and toilet;
  • a fireplace, which is an irreplaceable source of warmth on cold days;
  • air conditioning with heating function.

All of this creates a perfect place where you can enjoy being close to nature while living in very comfortable conditions.

Moreover, in order to make the life of the guests easier, the tents can be opened not only with a key but also with the Vegan House app. It is available for iOS and Android. It also serves as a resort guide and shows the way to specific places.

Vegan House - wnętrze namiotów
Glamping Vegan House - kuchnia
Namioty sferyczne - glamping
Glamping Vegan House - łazienka

Vegan food at Vegan House glamping

As you probably already guessed, Vegan House is serving only vegan food. This means the dishes are only made from vegetables – no meat or other animal products are used for cooking. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a place only for vegans. Anyone, who wants to try something new, will have the perfect opportunity to do so at Vegan House. The food is freshly made every day and it is super tasty.

If you choose the option with food (breakfasts and/or dinners), the meals will be delivered to your tent every day in thermos flasks and containers. You can also eat your meals in the restaurant. We chose the second option because we wanted to eat together in one room.

Food delivery times are adjusted to the guests’ requirements. There is a board hanging at the restaurant building’s wall, where you can write at which time you want to get the food.

Exemplary breakfast:

  • sandwiches with sun-dried tomato paste, lettuce and other vegetables
  • porridge with cinnamon, fruits and almonds + salad with baked pumpkin

Exemplary dinners:

  • soup with beetroots + croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms and salad
  • soup with pearl barley and mushrooms + potato pancakes with vegetable sauce

Dessert (PLN 8 per piece):

  • vegan apple crumble
Vegan house - wegańskie jedzenie
Vegan house - wegańskie jedzenie
Vegan house - wegańskie jedzenie
Vegan house - wegańskie jedzenie

Restaurant at Vegan House

This place is brand new and it was just finished when we arrived. Inside there is a large kitchen where meals are prepared, as well as a restaurant area for guests. You can meet there with friends from other tents and spend time together or eat meals. The interior is really beautifully decorated: brick walls, raw wood elements, plants hanging from the ceiling and bulbs with pleasant warm light.

Next to the kitchen, there are fridges with various drinks: beers and lemonades. Additionally, you can buy wines from local producers and snacks, such as fair-trade chocolate. The restaurant also has a toilet and a tablet with a sound system which you can use to play music. It has a great vibe and we spend there some amazing time together.

This place is perfect if you want to rent all the tents and spend some time together with your buddies, for example in the evenings.

Vegan House - knajpka
Vegan House - knajpka
Vegan House - knajpka

Sauna at Vegan House

I was especially happy about the fact that there is a sauna in Vegan House. During colder months, it is perfect for warming up after an intense day outside. It is located in a building between the restaurant and the glamping area. Inside, apart from the sauna itself, there is also a room with showers with cold water and two deckchairs where you can relax.

The sauna must be turned on in advance so it can warm up properly. Based on our experience, it took at least an hour to reach a temperature of around 80-90 C degrees. There is also a board inside where guests can write down what time they are planning to use the sauna.

The whole area is very new, so in October 2020, not everything was finished yet. The entrance to the building and the room next door were still under renovation. According to the plans of Monika, the owner, sanitary rooms for campers will be located there.

vegan house sauna
vegan house sauna

Glamping with pets at Vegan House

We went glamping with a medium-sized dog and a cat. Staying with a pet at Vegan House is allowed and it’s free. The conditions at the resort are perfect for dogs, so Clyde was super happy to run everywhere without the leash. We just had to watch out for the road that runs near the last tent because there is no fence.

If you want to take your pet with you be aware that Monika has ducks, a cat and two dogs in the resort. The cat lives in the restaurant and one of the dogs sometimes runs around the yard and barks, but he is completely harmless and keeps his distance.

Vegan House z psem
Vegan House - glamping z psem

How much does glamping at Vegan House cost?

At Vegan House, there is a rule of booking a minimum of two nights. The basic price per night for a tent is PLN 350 without meals. A total of 4 people can sleep in a tent, but an extra bed is additionally paid PLN 20 per person per night. However, considering the size of the tent, it’s most convenient to use one tent for 2 persons. The price includes a sauna, wi-fi and parking.

Vegan food comes at an extra cost. Each meal costs PLN 25 per person, i.e. for two meals you have to add PLN 50 per person per day. In total, it is PLN 450 per night for two people with meals.

Interesting places near Vegan House

Let’s be honest, the location of Vegan House doesn’t look attractive at first. There are only forests, fields and small villages around. However, it turns out that there are many interesting places to visit in the neighbourhood. Since the village of Nagodzice is very close to the Czech border, some of them are located in the Czech Republic.

  • Gold mine in Złoty Stok – a great attraction especially for families with older kids. You can visit the mine and take a boat trip while listening to very witty comments of the local guides. There are also two museums, a large adventure park with ropes and various other attractions mainly for the youngest. More information.
  • Uranium Mine in Kletno – with different difficulty levels. You can choose a standard tourist route, but there is also a night tour and an extreme tour for cavers. More information.
  • Resort Dloni Morava – offers a lot of different attractions depending on the season. In winter there is a ski slope with a lift. However, if there is no snow, you can ride mountain bikes there, climb the impressive Skywalk, which is an observation deck at the top of the mountain, and go down the bobsleigh track. I especially recommend  the last one, it’s a lot of fun! More information.
  • Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia (Bear Cave) – one of the longest and deepest caves in Poland. You can go there on a tourist route or an extreme expedition. More information.
  • Śnieżnik – a mountain (1425 m) where you can go for trekking. More information.
  • Kłodzko – if you prefer to visit a city, you can go to Kłodzko and sightsee the fortress or, for example, take a tour through the underground tunnels.

More places worth visiting can be found on the Vegan House website.

Resort Dloni Morava - Skywalk
Resort Dloni Morava - Tor Bobslejowy
Resort Dloni Morava - wyciąg
Resort Dloni Morava - Skywalk

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